Septic Repairs 

We offer a variety of professional septic repairs

Our technicians are trained and certified experts in the septic field. We know how to troubleshoot and properly diagnose your system in order to make the correct repairs needed. 

Tank Repairs - If there is a crack in your system on the tank floor or wall we are able to pump out the system and then do a confined space entry. Our technician gets inside the tank and makes the proper repairs.

Septic Pump Replacements- If you have a pressure system, you have a septic pump. Pumps are meant to pump the sewage away from the tank and into the drain field. If you pump is not working we are able to diagnose the issue and correct or see if a new pump is needed. We also offer warranty on this service for a peace of mind.

Inlet and Outlet Baffle Replacements-Many systems have inlet and outlet baffles and the baffle filter (also called effluent filter). Septic baffles are located where the pipes enter and exit the tanks. The outlet baffle is often considered the most important baffle. It keeps solids from exiting the tank and going into your drain field. Your drain field is not meant to handle solids and could cause extensive damage. 

Drain Field Repairs - Getting your system back into top shape. We are able to diagnose the source of the problem and repair your leach field instead of replacement. 

Filter Cleaning Or replacement- Filter cleaning is a simple and often overlooked part of maintenance. We can show you how to safely clean your filter to maintain it as needed.

Lid Replacement- We offer new septic lids in multiple sizes. Upgrading your lids to new standards are a  way to keep your kids and pets safe. Old lids often do not have screws and can fall inside the tank leaving a potentially dangerous situation. 

Rising your System - Risering your system can help you avoid the hassle of ripping up your yard during an emergency or routine service.  You also will save time and money not having to expose your system each time it is serviced.


Septic Tank Decommission- Are you connecting to sewer? We also offer proper septic tank decommissioning and filing of the paperwork to move forward with this service.

Jetting - Sometimes a system may seem to be in need of a repair but often it can be a clog that can be cleared during jetting. 

Warning Signs Of A Septic Issue

Septic Alarm Going Off

Sewage Surfacing In Your Yard

A Backup Into Your Home

Wet Spots Around Your Tank

Gurgling Toilets

A Bright Green Patch In Your Yard Near The Drainfield Location

Foul Odor 

Slow Draining Fixtures

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