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Pierce County Home Sale Requirements

Your system must be pumped out and inspected in order to close on your home. The system must be serviced by a certified O&M firm. During an inspection we complete an in depth evaluation of the drain field, tank and all of the septic components.


Next the inspection report submitted to the health department.

If you are in need a repair, the report is filed but the repair will need to be done to move forward with the home sale. A follow up report is then completed once the repair is done.


There are no deficiencies allowed to be transferred to the new homeowner. Once the report states your system is in working order your ready to file the RSS.


The RSS is also required for a home sale. Once the RSS is summitted with the health department they add you onto their schedule to come out and provide their own inspection to make sure everything has been done prior to the transfer of the new homeowners. 

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King County Home Sale Requirements 

Your system must have a certified OSM inspection in order to close on your home. At your time of service we pump out your system and do a full inspection of the drain field, septic tank and all of its components. A septic record drawing must be present at the time, if you do not have an as-built, we do offer this service.

Once the inspection has been completed and there are no deficiencies the OSM inspection report and time of sale transfer paperwork will be filed by us along with the as-built to the King County Health Department.