Pierce County Septic

Selling in Pierce county?

Septic Tank Pumping is a requirement for the sale of your home along with an o&m inspection.We the file the pumping and inspection with health department.

Once completed You will need to file an RSS (report of system status) with the Pierce county health department which is a service we do provide.

The RSS takes about 10 business days. The health department comes and does their own inspection and submits the final approval.



King County Septic

Selling in King county?

Septic Tank Pumping is only required for systems past an accumulation. An inspection is required for the sale of your home.

A time of sale inspection report will be given to King County health department.

An accurate as-built is also required to be on file with the health dept. If you do not have one we are able to offer this service.




License: STERLSP846RM

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