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Why do I need to Pump my Septic Tank?

Septic tank pumping is essential for long-term care of your septic system and keeping it in the best possible shape. The most common reasons for a septic system failure is lack of maintenance.  

Septic tanks naturally form two layers. One sludge layer at the bottom and one at the top of the tank. In order to remove the sludge  and scum layer, you have to have the tank pumped. Doing so removes the layers and prevents solids from building up and clogging your drain field or backing the plumbing into your house.


What is Bad for Septic Tanks?

Paper towels, Sanitary Products, Baby wipes, Harsh Chemicals, Grease, Latex, and Bandages.

these are a few common household products.

Hydraulic Overloading

Over usage of water can cause for drain field failure. Be mindful of your water usage.

How often should I pump my Septic Tank?

Save Money


Most septic companies say an average of every 3 to 5 years for a regular maintenance septic pumping.

While this may be the guideline followed by most, we believe that every family has their own timeline for Septic pumping.


By following the average guideline, you may be over pumping which is adding unnecessary expenses or even under pumping which can cause failure in your system. We are able to calculate the perfect plan for your individual needs, just give us a call today and figure out yours!



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